Why now is the best time to advertise online?

Written by: Jessie, a Facebook and Instagram ads specialist and trainer, with a strong focus on ecommerce businesses. Since freelancing she’s scaled businesses to over a million in revenue through these channels. Jessie is part of a mastermind of Facebook ad specialists from across the globe and has trained with the best in the business: Cat Howell, Molly Pitman and Jon Loomer.

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Instinct tells us all to batten down the hatches and cut marketing spend in these stormy times. And yet, if you can afford to invest, then now is the time to do it. History tells us that if you spend on advertising during a recession then you stand a chance of growing market share and ultimately coming out the other side on top.

That seems to be what Jessie is seeing. Her clients are currently experiencing record weeks in terms of sales and return on ad spend, thanks to low costs and minimal competition. Who’d have thought it? But if you are keen to dive in, there are some things to think about first.

1) Keep it human: use imagery or video of the founder or people behind your business in your ads. People want to buy from people right now. 

2) Let the algorithm do the hard work: use broad audience targeting rather than narrow targeting as it allows the algorithm to use it’s machine learning capability to pinpoint the people most likely to buy from you.  

3) Be empathetic: use copy and creative that is empathetic and respectful of the current situation.

4) Keep your customers updated: keep them informed of any changes to your business during the pandemic such as slower delivery or ways you are keeping your team and customers safe.