How to keep your head and run your business during a global crisis

Written by: Helen Sharland, co-founder Cutture London, a bespoke event stationery design house and Mantel, a retail brand specialising in products supporting mental health and wellbeing for the home. Having founded multiple businesses since she was almost fresh out of uni with her husband, Dominic,  Helen has gained a wealth of experience in creative start-ups from the ground up and growing a luxury brand within a niche market, recognised both in the UK and internationally. 

Cutture has been established for 11 years where Helen and Dominic have built the brand with design and manufacturing in house until just recently, specialising in the bespoke luxury market, they work with leading event planners globally, luxury brands and private clients, creating one off pieces of art as stationery for events and brands. 

Dominic and Helen have managed the trials and tribulations of business navigating economic crisis', unexpected general elections, Brexit, investment, and conversely unexpectedly loosing investment causing them to strip a business right back to just them and a freelance team successfully working remotely. Last year they set up Mantel as a retail arm to Cutture focussing on creating products that really make a difference to people on a daily basis, now more than ever the importance of this brand has come into its own

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During this crisis there will be many business owners who have had to not only think on their feet as to how they are going to survive, but often have the weight of responsibility of others. On top of this you may have then found yourself with a houseful at home, finding your new vocation as a stand in schoolteacher. This is a HUGE challenge mentally when you are the sole person responsible for all of it, from your employees and their mental wellbeing, to paying those overheads, whilst running through spellings, science and times tables - or if you’re really lucky getting to grips with algebra again. 

It is now imperative that your own mental health needs to be prioritised, your oxygen mask needs to be put on first, so hopefully with a few pointers we can begin to look at the building blocks for creating a stable mental space for you based on daily habits and mindset focussing around the 5 areas I believe we as business owners all need to be working to right now.

Observe - take the gift of the pause button, observe over panic

Connect and Collaborate - with your team and industry

Create - this is your superpower when ready

Mindset - problems are possibilities

Accept - look forward, ride the wave