The future will be filled with the kinds of companies we want to see in the world. There will be brand new ones and much changed ones, but they’ll all share a determination to survive and adapt. That is the pioneering spirit.

We’ve always backed the pioneers. But we’ve also always said no-one should do it alone. That’s why we’re tapping into our community of over 150 talented Marketing and Creative minds, to offer free advice and tips to support our country’s hungry young companies during these crazy days at sea.

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What we can learn from storytelling principles

Written by: Specialist, Rachel Barber, content strategist

I’m a big believer in the art of storytelling. It might sound fluffy, but it doesn’t have to be.
Whether you’re a content creator, marketer or strategist - you can learn so much from how we as humans tell stories. At its very core, I think that’s what (content) marketing is: humans telling stories to other humans, for different purposes.

How to keep your head and run your business during a global crisis

Written by: Helen Sharland, co-founder Cutture London, a bespoke event stationery design house and Mantel, a retail brand specialising in products supporting mental health and wellbeing for the home. Having founded multiple businesses since she was almost fresh out of uni with her husband, Dominic,  Helen has gained a wealth of experience in creative start-ups from the ground up and growing a luxury brand within a niche market, recognised both in the UK and internationally. 

Cutture has been established for 11 years where Helen and Dominic have built the brand with design and manufacturing in house until just recently, specialising in the bespoke luxury market, they work with leading event planners globally, luxury brands and private clients, creating one off pieces of art as stationery for events and brands. 

Dominic and Helen have managed the trials and tribulations of business navigating economic crisis', unexpected general elections, Brexit, investment, and conversely unexpectedly loosing investment causing them to strip a business right back to just them and a freelance team successfully working remotely. Last year they set up Mantel as a retail arm to Cutture focussing on creating products that really make a difference to people on a daily basis, now more than ever the importance of this brand has come into its own

During this crisis there will be many business owners who have had to not only think on their feet as to how they are going to survive, but often have the weight of responsibility of others. On top of this you may have then found yourself with a houseful at home, finding your new vocation as a stand in schoolteacher. This is a HUGE challenge mentally when you are the sole person responsible for all of it, from your employees and their mental wellbeing, to paying those overheads, whilst running through spellings, science and times tables - or if you’re really lucky getting to grips with algebra again. 

Do I need to pivot my business right now?

Written by: Kitty Dinshaw, Co-Founder and Co-Curator of Subjectmatterart - an online art platform that showcases the work of some very special artists from all over the world. Together with partner Liezel Strauss, Kitty is committed to creating a more equal and transparent art world. 

Lockdown has obviously been a challenge for a business like ours, we make our money through art sales and therefore, can’t apply for any grants. Our artists are like family; to enter lockdown knowing that it would be challenging to make an income, and therefore help our artists financially, was tough.

Am I crazy to launch a business during Covid-19?

Written by: Lara Stancich, an entrepreneur, completing an MBA (researching start-up resilience) and a mother of three. She has around 20 years’ experience developing and applying strategic thinking to diverse situations, from oil rigs to award-winning workplace design, and now to transforming the way women can access and enjoy super stylish maternity and post-pregnancy fashion through her online subscription business, Aka+Pip. Lara believes passionately that women should be empowered to look and feel confident, whatever shape their body may be and do this in a way that reduces fashion’s impact on our environment

Am I crazy to launch a business during Covid-19? This is the question I asked myself in late February as the region I live in (Veneto, Italy) careered towards lockdown. We were about 10 weeks away from ‘go live’ date for Aka+Pip, and my first instinct was to yell ‘stop’!

Why now is the best time to advertise online?

Written by: Jessie, a Facebook and Instagram ads specialist and trainer, with a strong focus on ecommerce businesses. Since freelancing she’s scaled businesses to over a million in revenue through these channels. Jessie is part of a mastermind of Facebook ad specialists from across the globe and has trained with the best in the business: Cat Howell, Molly Pitman and Jon Loomer.

Instinct tells us all to batten down the hatches and cut marketing spend in these stormy times. And yet, if you can afford to invest, then now is the time to do it. History tells us that if you spend on advertising during a recession then you stand a chance of growing market share and ultimately coming out the other side on top.

That seems to be what Jessie is seeing. Her clients are currently experiencing record weeks in terms of sales and return on ad spend, thanks to low costs and minimal competition. Who’d have thought it? But if you are keen to dive in, there are some things to think about first.

How to keep creatively stimulated during lockdown?

Written by: Kim and Sally, designers, illustrators and outdoor wanderers, believe that opening up to experiencing the world around them can drive their creativity to new levels. They’ll often be found meeting on hilltops and brainstorming in forests with their laptops and sketchbooks in hand. Their creative skills span branding, illustration, print, digital and much more.

As creative folk, we are some of the lucky ones. Time, locked away with nothing but your imagination cries out for those personal creative projects that you’ve always long wished you had time for. Writing, drawing. sewing, coding, singing - there are a plethora of creative outlets available to us and often the one commodity that held us back was time. Something that we’re now drowning in. This is easy for me to say as a child-free creative, for those with children - your creative skills have had to go up a level, never mind a high-pressure pitch to the board of multinational corporate clients, you now have to be the teacher, entertainer, sports coach, chef and parent to the highest pressured bored (see what I did there?!) members …your children.

How do I strengthen my brand to weather the Corona storm?

Written by: Glenn, brand and digital strategist working with big names and punchy challengers in luxury, retail, beauty and hospitality. Recipient of the Tech Nation UK Entrepreneur Visa for Exceptional Digital Talent.

Coronavirus has been one of the most disruptive macro forces the globalised world has ever seen. It truly has touched every corner of the world and the fabric of multiple cultures no matter what lens you put it through: albeit professional/organisation, social, cultural or through an industry-specific mirror. No matter what mirror you're looking into, it's daunting how this event has impacted nearly everyone on the planet in some way.

For many brands and businesses, it's also unprecedented how many were caught completely off guard; especially those just getting started. As a common, popular meme currently doing the round states, looking back the biggest driver of digital transformation may not be the CEO, CMO or CIO, but the COVID-19.