Every so often you do work that reminds you why you do what you do...

...where you leave the jargon and politics at the door, roll up your sleeves and solve real problems that make a serious difference to companies doing meaningful things. In 2014, as a brand new freelancer, I did a piece of work for a friend's small but thriving gallery. Despite years of agency experience I felt like I was finally doing work that created real impact. My friend was equally happy. He couldn't justify a full time senior hire and had been desperately searching for an agency he could afford. He suddenly saw that great experience with good people didn't have to come with the hefty price tag to match.

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It takes a village to raise a business

I started Engineers for Pioneers to give ambitious, young businesses better ways to work with talented people. Knowledge and experience is expensive and, when you live from month to month, it's often a luxury you can't afford. But I know from building Engineers for Pioneers that, when you're small and growing it's then, more than ever, that you need good people on your side. There had to be a solution; an affordable way to build your extended 'work family' with people you can trust.

I asked around. It turns out that nearly every brilliant person I knew was crying out to work with companies they care about. Many had left the agency and corporate worlds or had built businesses themselves. But all were happy to offer realistic rates to work on projects that truly mattered


Bite-size brilliance

So we built a network. A community of people we'd be proud to recommend, who are talented at what they do, but have a personal love of working with ambitious businesses. And we've been bringing them together with companies that need support. We're constantly exploring new ways for businesses and specialists to team up. Ways that create impact yet are affordable for businesses and offer real opportunities for talented people to build a sustainable career doing work they love.

We like to call it bite-size brilliance. We'd love you to be involved.


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If you have any questions about what we're building or your business needs an injection of support then just shout, we're here.

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