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  • Use our simple briefing template to guide what you need
  • A tailoring process selects the specialists that fit
  • Human help on hand


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Risk free specialist selection

  • Receive profiles of experienced specialists available and interested in your job
  • Message at no cost
  • Review proposals and make your choice


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What you need to know

What is Engineers for Pioneers?

Firstly, we have nothing to do with Engineering! We are in fact a platform where growing, young businesses (Pioneers) can find an experienced, talented marketing, tech, creative or commercial specialist (Engineers) to support them on a project or part time basis.

What makes your specialists so special?

It goes without saying that all our specialists have top-notch experience. But because they all have a personal love of working with young businesses, they're the kind of people you want on your side. They focus on the things that matter. They're down to earth, they make every penny count. And they don't do jargon. No funny stuff, just the good stuff.

How do you vet the specialists in your network?

Our network started with a small group of people we know and trust and it has grown through referral since then. Where possible, we keep it like this. That way we can be sure that everyone who applies is someone we'd all like to work with. We interview each applicant as well to double-check their experience and how they work with small businesses. Once accepted, the specialist is also rated by each business they work with so you can feel happy that they continue to be the great people we thought they were.

What type of companies have your specialists worked for?

Many of our specialists have run successful businesses themselves. Others have worked for leading agencies, start ups and admired brands, like Not on the High Street and Farmdrop. But what they all now have in common is doing work they love for growing, young businesses they care about.

What type of support do your specialists offer?

Our specialists work across all areas of marketing, tech, creative and commercial support including social media, copywriting, product management, business development and more. Our long-term plan is to offer every type of business support you need. So if you're looking for a certain someone and you're not sure if we can help then drop us a note at and we'll see what we can do!

How much experience do the specialists in your network have?

All our specialists have a minimum of 5 years experience, but average about 15.

How does Engineers for Pioneers find the right specialist for me?

Once you've submitted your brief, our tailoring process filters the most suitable people based on their specialism and sector experience. We then check with each specialist that they have capacity before they apply. That way you only receive interest from people you know are qualified, available and keen to get involved

What does it cost to find the right specialist?

Nothing. You can submit a brief and have an initial call with any of the specialists for free. When you start working together then all billing is conducted through the site and we just charge a 5% service fee (+VAT) on each invoice, which we bill you for separately.

How do I pay my specialist?

You will receive the invoice from your specialist via our platform with their bank details. You are requested to make payment to them directly in line with the terms you've both agreed.

How long does it take to find someone?

You can expect to receive interest from 2-3 specialists within 3 working days. If your brief is quite specific and we think it could take longer then we'll let you know.

I'm looking for someone to work with us part time, can I use the site?

Absolutely. Many of our specialists are looking for part time roles. If you need support on a part time basis then flag this in your brief and we'll be in touch.

If you have any other questions at all, give us a shout at and we'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.