Meaningful work with exciting businesses on flexible terms. It does exist.

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Why join us?

More of what you love

We would all rather do projects with companies we care about. But those projects don't come along all the time. Until now.

Work that works

Working with small businesses means plugging in when you're needed. So, whether you want to pack in the projects or slot them in alongside life, you have the control to work in a way that works for you.

In good company

Our network is built from people we love to work with. Smart, yet straight talking. Energetic, yet down to earth. You'll be part of a community of top-notch talent that ticks like you do.

The projects you want

Our tailoring process means you will only be approached with projects that are right for you. Giving you the chance to build a sustainable flow of work you love.

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What we are looking for

You really know your stuff

You need to have at least 5 years of experience in your field. If you know your stuff then you know how to work leanly, investing energy into creating impact where it really counts.

You love getting your hands dirty

Small businesses don't need a consultant they need a partner on their side. If you prefer thrashing out great ideas over strong coffee than presenting 100 slides to 50 different committees then you've landed in the right place.

You don't do jargon

Our specialists don't do jargon. When you team up with a small business, they're often learning too. So we avoid language that, frankly, none of us understand. And talk plainly. We find it gets the best results.

How it works


Getting to know you

Short but thorough application

  • Complete your application online
  • If you match the initial criteria we'll have a short call to discuss your experience and the way you work
  • If you're a fit we'll invite you to join the network


Start receiving briefs

Exciting work direct to your inbox

  • You receive briefs that are right for you
  • Message clients easily online for free
  • Send your proposal and agree terms via our platform


Manage your projects online

Easing your admin load

  • Manage existing and incoming projects via your profile
  • Send your invoices simply and easily via our platform
  • Receive ratings on the great work that you do

Meet some of our specialists

What you need to know

What is Engineers for Pioneers?

Don't worry you don't have to work in engineering! We are a platform where growing, young businesses (Pioneers) can find an experienced, talented marketing, tech, creative or commercial specialist (Engineers) to support them on a project or part time basis.

How does it work?

  1. A business creates a brief on the platform
  2. Our online tailoring process sends the brief to a handful of specialists who fit the bill. Each specialist decides if they would like to apply before their profile is sent to the business.
  3. The specialist is free to message with the business to discuss the project further and agree the fee.
  4. The specialist can use our online proposal and template services contract to kick off work quickly. All billing is done through the site.

What makes your network so special?

If you join our network, you'll be in good company. Everyone has top-notch experience, but they also have a shared love of teaming up with young businesses. That means that everyone has an energetic, straightforward way of working that is focused on helping others to succeed. It's infectious and makes our community a rather lovely place to be.

How do I apply?

We generally only take on new specialists via referral. We find it's the best way to ensure the network is full of talented people who have a deep love of working with small businesses. That said, if you're interested in applying, then do complete our form here. If we feel you'd be a good fit, then we'll just need two references.

How am I selected?

Start by filling out the application form here. If you have 5+ years of great experience under your belt and are fired up about working with small businesses then we would love to chat. We'll be in touch to hear more about what you do and how you work. Most new specialists are referred to us. If you apply directly, we will ask for two references. If that goes well, then you're on board. After that, it's just a matter of completing your profile and getting started.

What does it cost to find projects via the platform?

There is no cost to join our network or find work. When it comes to billing you simply raise an invoice via the platform and the business pays you directly. We just charge a 20% (+VAT) marketing fee on each invoice, which we bill you for separately. (Note: 20% is charged on the first £3000 worth of billing to a client, after which it drops to 15% up to £10,000 worth of billing to that client. 5% is charged on any invoices above £10,000)

What kind of specialists are you looking for?

We are keen to hear from freelance specialists from all areas of marketing, tech, creative and commercial support including social media, copywriting, product management, business development and more. Our long-term plan is to offer every type of support a growing, young business would need. So, if you don't have a background in the areas listed above, but you'd like to get involved drop us a note at and we can chat about what the future holds.

I'd be open to a part time role, can you help?

Absolutely, the businesses we work with are sometimes looking for part time support. Make sure you flag this in your application so that, when the right brief comes in, we know where to find you.

If you have any other questions at all, give us a shout at and we'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.