Bite-size brilliance
for growing, young businesses

Tap into a handpicked network of experienced marketing, tech, creative and commercial specialists ready to plug in at the point and price you need them most

Why Engineers for Pioneers?

Top-notch talent

Our vetted specialists have an average of 15 years experience working for admired brands and start ups. Or have built businesses themselves.

Realistic prices

Because our specialists are individuals (not agencies) who have a personal love of teaming up with meaningful companies, you will find brilliant people at realistic prices.

Pain free process

Our platform guides you through your brief and connects you with good people, ready to help. No more trawling LinkedIn. Just bright sparks, hand delivered.

People you want to work with

When you're growing you need good people on your side. Our network is built largely through referral.
We get to know everyone who applies and only invite them on board once we're sure they'll make you proud.

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Different ways to work

One-off project

Whether you're launching a product to market, driving growth online or you just need to revisit your brand, our specialists are here from all corners of the creative and marketing world to expertly guide you through these exciting times.

Espresso shot advice

You don't always need to have a project defined, our specialists offer different ways, 'off the shelf', to work together. From a two-day audit to a half-day workshop, we call it Espresso shot advice. Short, strong and value for money.

Team mentoring

If you're growing fast, it's often hard to give your junior team the support they need, especially if it's not your area of expertise. Our senior-level specialists act as hovering mentors, staying close to your team, stepping in to give direction as and when you need it.

Plug-in support

As you scale, you need support in new areas. But it's hard to commit to a full time role when you don't yet know what you're looking for. Our specialists provide plug-in support for a limited time to shape your thinking and support your growth, giving you the space you need to plan your next move.

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